115Lt Icey-Tek Long Box

115Lt Icey-Tek Long Box
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Icey-Tek Chilly Bins have long been a favourite of Matt Watson and The ITM Fishing Show crew. These bins really do deliver on their promises and their high manufacturing standards mean you'll get years out of an Icey-Tec Chilly Bin. 

Thermoplastic Latches
Imported from the USA, these thermoplastic elastomer, state-of-the-art latches are non-corrosive, non conductive & UV resistant. These latches are used on all our boxes, tested to 120lb pressure on tie-down point.

 Rope Handles
Icey-Tek is the only company using rope handles on all long boxes. This minimises the amount of bending required when lifting heavy weights and allows more than two handlers per box, at one time.

Heavy Duty Hinge System
Icey-Tek has eliminated internal lid restraints by self locking multiple heavy hinges. These hinges are plastic welded to the box and doubly fixed by six stainless steel screws.

Icey-Tek is powered by pressure injected, medium density, ICI polyurethane. The 35mm walls, floor and lid, ensures ice longevity of up to 12 days using block ice. Even NASA has tested & used Icey-Tek Boxes for their insulation qualities.

Food Grade Liners
Icey-Tek utilizes approved food grade white liners in all boxes. This eliminates food odours & tainting, giving easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Dual Bungs
All Icey-Tek boxes have a dual 25mm bung system. This allows the user easier drainage of the box in many different situations.

NB. only available for delivery to a New Zealand address. 




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