The world’s most extreme fisherman, Matt Watson leads us on a series of expeditions around the world to tangle with the oceans greatest fish. The locations are remote and wild, the characters are salty and wild, and Matt and his team deliver big fish and unequalled action in every episode, so forget about sitting through another show that builds up a mission and doesn’t deliver.

This is not your dreary ‘cast a bait and wait’ style show, it is informative, it’s adventurous, it’s innovative, it’s hilarious, – it’s Ultimate Fishing. 


Episode 1:   The Giants of Nova Scotia –  28th January @ 5.00pm

Catching a 1000lb tuna is among the toughest fishing challenges on earth. The power and speed of the Atlantic giant bluefin is legendary, but before Matt and the team can experience this first hand, they first need to find one. The expedition is set in the Gulf of St Lawrence in Nova –Scotia Canada. After battling tough conditions and some near misses with these ocean giants, they hit the jackpot. The footage of dozens of giants must be seen to be believed.  


Episode 2:     Man v Swordfish v Mako Shark  -   4th February @ 5.00pm

Part of being a successful fisherman is meticulous preparation and planning. But there are situations you just can not plan for; Matt begins with the simple task of getting some fish for dinner from his small boat, he then goes underwater with his spear gun to hunt kingfish, and ends up battling a huge swordfish on a hand line – this situation goes from insane to ridiculous when a giant mako shark arrives to try and eat Matts 600lb swordfish!


Episode 3:    Mexico Delivers  -  11th February @ 5.00pm

There are plenty of places that lay claim to having ‘World Class Fishing’, but few places offer such a variety of quality fish as Mexico. So Matt ventures out of Mexico’s Pacific coast aboard a state of the art sport fishing boat with everything from cubera snapper to blue marlin on his wish list, and Mexico delivers.


Episode 4:  A Canoe, a Handline and an 800lb Tuna!  –  18th February @ 5.00pm

Matt ventures to the tiny Pacific nation of Niue, where for centuries local fishermen have been fishing for tuna from their out rigger canoes.

Matt gets a lesson from the locals, and then competes against them in their canoe fishing tournament. Inspired by this experience, Matt the sets his sights on a giant tuna on his hand line, but he has picked a fight with a fish that is almost seven times his size. The action is wild!


Episode 5:   Southern Swordfish  -  25th February @ 5.00pm

Swordfish are without question the ultimate challenge in big game fish. They live in the depths beyond the edges of the continental shelf, as far as 40 degree’s south. On this expedition Matt sets out from New Zealand’s rugged south Island aboard a commercial tuna boat and takes along his rod gear to try to be the first in the world to catch a southern swordfish on rod and reel. But it’s no free ride, before Matt can fish for swordfish; he has to work with the crew to catch tuna to pay his way.


Episode 6:   Anglers Paradise   - 4th March @ 5.00pm

Aitutaki lies in the outer reaches of the Cook Islands and it has been described as the world’s most beautiful natural lagoon.  But it’s the creatures within the lagoon, and in the surrounding deep water beyond the reef that has brought Matt and his team to this remote Pacific Island location.   From the tough fighting reef fish to the ocean going mahi-mahi, wahoo and tuna, there is plenty of action wrapped up in this absolutely stunning setting.


Episode 7:   Getting the Girls Out  -  11th March @ 5.00pm

Woman love fishing too, and they are more than capable of holding their own. So Matt assembles a team of keen woman and they make their own fishing show. The all female anglers and film crew take on everything from spearfishing to big game fishing, and the sights are set high as one of the team attempts to be the first woman in the world to catch a marlin from a jet ski. Sorry fellas but most of you will never catch fish like these in your lifetime!


Epidsode 8:   Going Deep   -  18th March @ 5.00pm

Matt and the team venture to the Ranfurly banks far off shore New Zealand’s East Cape. This place is renowned for big fish, but as well as being armed with the tackle and gear to subdue big kingfish, bass and marlin – they also take a camera capable to filming in the extreme depths – the result – big fish and amazing footage. 


Episode 9:   Big Sharks off the Beach  -  25th March @ 5.00pm

Matt goes to a surf beach in summer on a mission to uncover the extent of big sharks that we share the water every time we go for a swim or surf. Using drones Matt and his team find the sharks before Matt paddles out the bait on his surfboard! This is all done to get some DNA samples from the sharks to advance research and along the way try to debunk the fear we have of sharks at the beach, even matts kids are boogie boarding amidst the big shark wrangling!!


Episode 10:   Big Game Kayak Fishing  -  1st April @ 5.00pm

Kayak fishing puts you close to the water, in fact just a couple of millimeters of plastic separate the angler from the water, and with no engine noise it gives the sensation of being part of the ocean. It’s an effective and exciting way to fish, so when Matt set himself the challenge of catching a big marlin from his kayak it becomes a wild ride – literally. 


Episode 11:   Rags to Fishes  -  8th April @ 5.00pm

The technology available to anglers today is incredible, from electronics to tackle, even pheromones in lures that compel fish to bite! But do all these things compensate for fishing skill and knowledge. We put this to the test when we invite an angler fishing who has access to all of Matt’s fishing gear, and all Matt has is a hand line and a piece of rag. Using some incredible ingenuity to turn a rag into a lure Matt works his way up the food chain and catches some big fish – but does the guy with all the modern gear catch even more?


Episode 12:   Remote Controlled Fishing - 15th April @ 5.00pm

This is taking fishing technology to a whole new level. Matt and the team prepare all the gear they need for an epic land based fishing mission; rods, reels, lures, bait and burly. But they also pack up remote controlled GoPro cameras, a remote controlled boat, and two remote controlled heli drones that have all been customized to help them catch fish – the footage and results are astounding…and there is only one explosion…. and a minor fire.


Ep13 - Wild West Africa - TVNZ One, 22nd April 5.00pm

Principe Island is a dot in the Atlantic Ocean 150 nautical miles off the west coast of Africa. Described as ‘the most Jurassic location in the world’, the high mist-covered volcanic peaks clad in thick jungle are the backdrop to a pioneering fishing adventure. Matt and the team camp on an idyllic beach cloaked in tropical jungle, and from there they head to sea to explore what truly is one of the worlds final fishing frontiers.


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