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Out-takes, Mistakes & Piss-takes

Some of the recent out-takes from the 2012 season of the show

The Big Day Out

The Big Day Out This was a day to remember, we set out on a 140 nautical mile round trip in a seven meter boat, on our hit list was big kingfish, big giant bass, mako sharks, blue marlin and black marlin... it would be one big day if we encountered it all in a day, and we got off to an amazing start. Try not to be bamboozled by the full-on action, because there is plenty of tips and tricks woven in too.

Ultimate Fishing Marlin Satellite Tagging Adventure

We go fishing on the ultimate lady in the Bay of Islands on a special kind of mission. The aim was to catch a marlin on the coast, bring it on board and keep it alive with specialized equipment while we attach a satellite tag and a tail transmitter that will allow us to track its movements. Womens rugby legend and sports presenter, Melodie Robinson, comes along to catch her first Marlin. Plenty of coastal game fishing action and some interesting results from the tagging project.

Back Country Fly Fishing In New Zealand - Trout

Matt and the team chopper into some of the most amazing back country New Zealand has to offer, and get stuck into some truly epic fresh water action. After touching down, Matt soon finds himself tangling with fired up trout, which forces the novice fly fisherman into a potentially dangerous pursuit through raging rapids.

Vanuatu - Wahoo, Tuna & Black Marlin!

We've already landed dogtooth tuna, giant trevally, big yellowfin, and line burning wahoo - we continue to catch these fish but all our encounters with blue marlin have left us with bare hooks and broken lines. We come to the end of our epic voyage but things are starting to get tense as we are desperate to get our mate Graeme his first marlin after 10 years of trying - the finale to this is one not to be missed.

Live-Aboard Sport Fishing in Vanuatu

We are on an offshore adventure to the exotic Island of Espirito Santo in the Vanuatu Island archipelago. There is no other way to put it - the fish species available here are awesome, and the location stunning. We have some phenomenal sessions with blue water game fish and the tough tropical reef species.

Giant Bluefin Tuna on a Handline from a Dinghy!

Witness the exciting finale to the toughest fishing assignment Matt has ever taken on. After a 100km trip offshore in a 4 metre Stabicraft, Matt gets locked into a battle with a Giant Bluefin Tuna that he claims is the toughest of his life. It's edge of your seat action - do not miss this one!

Hardcore Land Based Fishing

We head off to a remote part of the Far North coastline of New Zealand and get onto the rocky ledges to fish for big snapper and kingfish.

Giant Bluefin Tuna on a Handline pt 2

We continue with the action as Matt battles with a fish almost 5 times his size using nothing but a rope and gloves, then we put a junior angler in the chair to have a crack at a national record, it's wall to wall action, drama and humor, this episode has it all.

Giant Bluefin Tuna on a Handline

This is the most ambitious stunt fishing mission Matt has ever taken on. Catching a giant bluefin tuna is tough even on the very best big game fishing tackle, but on a hand line it is not only tough, but dangerous. The underwater footage of these ocean giants is incredible, and the action unbelievable.

Marlin on a Jetski

Matt sets out on another 'stunt fishing' mission and heads miles off shore on a jet-ski to try and prove his theory, "you don't need a big boat to catch a marlin". The action that follows the hook up is spectacular, and the crazy finale when the fired up marlin gets some of his own back will leave audiences in disbelief, this one is not to be missed!

Heli Kingfish Adventure

We fly onto a Far North rock location, with Heliops, in search of a big kingi from the rocks. It's a full on day of action that has a dramatic big kingfish finale.

Landbased Snapper Fishing

Matt and a couple of his mates head out to a small rocky island loaded with fish but get stranded when the boat drifts way. Get a few laughs as the guys take the mickey out of the survivor TV series while catching a heap of big fish off the rocks.

Old School Snapper Fishing

Big Snapper in Shallow Water The hands down viewer's choice from the first series. Watch as mega sized snapper nail dead baits and live baits before your eyes. And pick up some very handy tips on how to land that big snapper you've dreamed of!

Giant Bluefin Tuna Madness part 2

Giant Bluefin Tuna Madness part 2 The exciting conclusion to part one, big tuna get landed, big tuna get lost, and we stop fishing to jump in the water and hand feed some of these monsters. The action and suspense is almost unbearable, and the underwater footage is stunning!

Giant Bluefin Tuna Madness part 1

The size and power of Giant Bluefin Tuna seem to defy nature, it doesn't seem possible that a fish could grow so big and swim so fast. Well now you can check out the insane footage as Matt and the team encounter packs of powerhouse Tuna and capture the very essence of what big game fish battles are all about!

The Big Day Out Continued

You wouldn't believe it could all possibly happen in one day - but it did. After missing out on what we thought was a black marlin we hook into a blue marlin on the way home, edge of your seat action filmed in the eastern Bay of Plenty of New Zealand.

The Ultimate Burley Trail

This week sees Matt targeting a couple of NZ's most underutilized fish species; the skipjack and albacore tuna. Whilst attempting to demonstrate the versatility of these under-appreciated fish, the team are pestered by packs of pesky marlin, and come across some gigantic schools of balling baitfish which have to be seen to be believed.

Search for the Great White Shark

With only days remaining before a ban is to be placed on fishing for Great White Sharks Matt and the team embark on their most ambitious adventure yet -- To catch and release a 2000lb Great White Shark at the Chatham Islands. The Sharks were bigger and more plentiful than anticipated and the action...well 'intense' to say the least.

Search for the Great White Shark part 2

With lessons learned from their encounters with the most fearsome of all sharks, Matt and the team engage in some huge tussles in an effort to secure a great white shark and take a DNA sample. These are the largest fish ever witnessed by our experienced group of anglers and veteran Chatham Island fishermen - nothing could have prepared us for the power of these awesome predators!

The Mako Hunter

What do you think would happen if another fishing show double booked on the same boat as the Ultimate Fishing team, with both TV crews trying to film frantic mako shark action? Tune into see funny man Leigh Hart take on Matt with his new spoof fishing show "outdoor-outdoors-outdoors". Screaming reels, broken rods, a tennis racket, a goat, human burley bombs and an inflatable doll all combine in a hilarious action packed episode. If you don't get a laugh out of this you must be dead!

Old School Marlin Fishing

We roll the clock back 90 years in an attempt to repeat the amazing feats of pioneering American fisherman and adventurer Zane Grey. The team head out from the historic Bay of Islands in New Zealand aboard the Alma G, Zane Grey's former boat with one of Greys antique reels. Uncanny coincidences abound and Matt hooks up to a rampaging striped marlin on tackle from the 1920s - and that's where the drama begins to unfold as the same challenges that were thrown up in the 20's have to be overcome to land the feisty fish.

Ultimate Dogtooth Tuna

After flying to Noumea in New Caledonia, Matt and the team board the sport fishing 'dream-boat' the Ultimate Lady and travel 480 nautical miles to visit an uninhabited group of atolls and reefs that are loaded with fish. The fishing in this episode is phenomenal - even the experienced team on the Ultimate Lady were left in awe of the incredible dogtooth tuna. The underwater footage captured is equally as impressive as the huge fish.

The Ultimate Day - Big Striped Marlin Fishing

After thousands of days spent fishing, this one stands out as one of the best ever. Twenty-one marlin, all over 200 pounds are caught; and to top it off the team have a bone-chillingly close encounter with a giant squid. Fisherman or not, you will agree - the action and footage is stunning! Subscribe to Ultimate Fishing for more full length episodes

Marlin Mission Impossible - Underwater Marlin Tagging

Matt and the team take on the task of placing a satellite tag into a marlin, sounds easy right? The hard part is that they are not allowed to hook it first! Follow this fascinating adventure that takes the team from the Far North and East Cape of New Zealand, all the way to Norfolk Island for this 'world first' attempt at satellite tagging a free-swimming marlin. The stunning underwater footage is some of the best ever filmed! Subscribe to Ultimate Fishing to catch more full length classic episodes as they become available...