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How to vent a fish

Before you release a fish it takes just a second to vent them to ensure they can get back down and decompress.

The ITM Fishing Media Awards - Out there doing it!

There are some real outdoors characters that have been on the ITM Fishing Show, men and woman of the land that can teach us all some valuable skills.

The ITM Fishing Media Awards - Best Supporting Angler

We always get to see the host of fishing shows grabbing all the attention and glory, but there are there other anglers, skippers and crew that deserve recognition.

Women vs Marlin...on a Jetski - ULTIMATEFISHING TV

Kylie's dream is to catch a marlin off her jetski, so Matt decides to give her a hand, and catch it on film.

Giant Bluefin Tuna on a Handline

It's DIY, its Kiwi as! Extreme Fisherman Matt Watson takes on a huge tuna, with only a hand line and an electric fence reel! The local fisherman on the boat think it can't be done. Watch this clip to find out if one of these monster fish can be brought to the boat by hand!

The Giant Bluefin Tuna of Nova Scotia

Some of the most epic footage from our trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. If you're keen to see fish up to, and over, 1000 pounds smashing baits off the surface, closer than ever before, you've come to the right place...

Real Wicked Tuna Action!

Lock yourself in for some jawdropping Bluefin Tuna action, as Matt hops overboard to get up close and personal with a pack of true giants. We had so much feedback from viewers about the underwater shots in this amazing scene that we just had to post it for anyone that missed out...

Fishing Tip #17 - Mechanical Jigging Basics

Nothing, save nothing, can compare to the feeling of a kingfish smashing your jig. It could be that sudden burst of speed on the drop or the equally sudden lunge as your jigging, but the result is the same… Game On! This technique will help you start and then master your jigging technique that will see you sporting the kingfish grin.

Fishing Tip #16 - When to use a Wind-on Leader

At times there are two very distinct schools of thought on wind-on leaders. This tip explains the reasons behind when and why to use a wind-on and the significant advantages that they can afford you.

Mako Shark attacks boat and eats 700lb Swordfish

Holy *#@% that's a big fish! While Matt is out helping his mate Jeff catch his first sword fish, A mako shark decides that Matt's boat is competing for its dinner.

Big Sharks off the Beach

Matt and the team are fishing for sharks as part of a research program to find out more about the sharks in New Zealand's inshore waters. The first destination is a popular swimming beach in the height of summer and they encounter some very big sharks.

This is Ultimate Fishing!

Sharks, marlin, tuna, swordfish and loads more of the hottest fishing action anywhere... Basically, if it's a big bad-ass fish, it's on Ultimate Fishing. Check it out!

Matt's Media File

Some of the recent worldwide media interest in our man Matt!

Epic Spearfishing Action - GT, Mahimahi, Wahoo, Snapper

Matt Watson and his team put a lot of work into capturing their amazing underwater footage. Here's a glimpse at some of Matt's most recent spearfishing adventures.

Old School - Marlin Fishing 1920's Style

Matt heads out into the Bay of Islands to reenact the glory days of Zane Grey and Captain Mitchell. Doing it old school, right down to his britches, Matt's uses a period rod and reel, fender teasers and the boat that started it all... the Alma G.

Marlin from a Surfboard

Like fishing for marlin? Like surfing? Then how about doing both at the same time??!!

Marlin from a Jetski

Matt Watson was told it couldn't be done - so he had to give it a go..... You won't believe this crazy action!!

Big Shark from a Surfboard

Madman Matt Watson takes on a big, angry Bronze Whaler shark from a surfboard!

Giant Shark Attacks Swordfish!

After battling a huge swordfish to the surface on his trusty handline out off the coast of Northland, New Zealand, Matt Watson finds himself in a race with a gigantic mako shark to secure his prize catch and get it aboard his little boat in one piece!

GIANT SQUID ATTACK! Marlin ripped to shreds!

Filmed way back in the early days of the show, this clip still gets the heart racing whenever we see it. A 250lb striped marlin is torn to bits by an Architeuthis, better known as the legendary Giant Squid. Makes you think twice about going for a swim at night!

GANNET MAN! Marlin from a Helicopter

Matt Watson tries the latest form of stunt fishing - inspired by one of the greatest fish catching sea birds, the gannet... we're not sure it's going to catch on though!