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How to Fillet Hapuku / Bass Cheeks

Many people throw away Hāpuku/Bass heads without realising that one on the tastiest bits on meat is hidden in the cheeks.

Fishing Tip - How to Setup your sounder to find Swordfish

Get the edge - See how Matt sets up his sounder when he goes out targeting Swordfish.

FISHING TIP - How to set your sounder for deep water fishing - ULTIMATE FISHING.TV

Getting the most out of your Furuno TZ Touch. Matt shows you the difference between Hi and Lo frequency when fishing deeper pins looking for fish.

FISHING TIP - How to teach your electric reel to jig - ULTIMATE FISHING TV

An effective way to fish with your electric reel, get it jigging. Matt shows you the simple steps to setup and utlise this awesome feature.

Fishing Tip #15 - Deepwater Tactics

If you're going to send a bait 300mtrs below you want to be sure it's got a good chance of hooking into something; and if you do that you've got a good chance of getting it back to the surface. Here's Matt's top three deep water tactics for improving your chances.

Fishing Tip #1 - The Dropper Loop

Check it out as Matt demonstrates this simple technique for tying a very effective dropper loop. This will have you tying your own rigs in no time and you won't have to wait for your mate to lend a hand.

Tackle Test: Thunnus Ci4 4000

Matt tests the Shimano Thunnus Ci4 4000 on the new Energy concept 3 piece travel.

FISHING TIP - How to set your sounder for deep water fishing - ULTIMATE FISHING.TV

Getting the most out of your Furuno TZ Touch. Matt shows you the difference between Hi and Lo frequency when fishing deeper pins looking for fish.

FISHING TIP - Top Water Lure Ready for Action

You never know what your going to come across and at what time. Having your gear ready is the key.

FISHING TIP - Rigging Flying Fish for Trolling

How to rig a flying fish with a J hook. Using wax thread to tie gill plates closed makes for an easy and simple rig.

FISHING TIP - Bait and Switch Tackle Options

What we use to target marlin when bait and switching.

FISHING TIP - Bait and Switch Explained

Form our Cape Verde episodes An exciting and effective way to target Marlin More tips from Cape Verde in the Fishing Tips section

FISHING TIP - Rigging for Gamefish | Tying your double

How to tie a robust Topshot Splice, demonstrated by Matt Watson.

FISHING TIP - Rigging for Gamefish | SanDiego Jam Knot

Matt Watson demonstrates The San Diego Jam knot. Explained with simple and easy to follow instructions.

FISHING TIP - Rigging for Gamefish | Setting your drag

Setting your spool drag correctly is often overlooked. Here, Matt Watson explains it in easy to follow steps.

FISHING TIP - Setting your spread

Setting your lure spread is sometimes more than just good luck. Here are some simple tips to help you understand the behaviour of lures

FISHING TIP - Rigging for Gamefish Introduction

All you need to know when it comes to gamefishing.

FISHING TIP - Topwater Techniques

Get the most out of your topwater gear, and working the stickbaits and popers to attract that bite!

FISHING TIP - Topwater gear setup

Matt takes you through some of the latest topwater gear used while fishing in Tahiti

FISHING TIP - Lefty's Loop Knot

Lefty's Loop Step 1 First make an overhand knot configuration in the leader, pass the tag through the eye of the hook, then back through the overhand knot. Lefty's Loop Step 2 Wrap the leader and tag togethe from three to five times. Lefty's Loop Step 3 Pull the knot tight using gentle pressure on the main line against the loop.

FISHING TIP - The PR knot the easy way

One of the most popular Braid to leader knots

FISHING TIP - Treble Hooks Vs Single Hooks | Topwater | Stickbaits | Poppers

Treble Vs Single Hooks on Topwater tackle explained by Matt Watson.

FISHING TIP - Topwater Tackle Storage

Simple ideas to make your Topwater lure storage easy to handle

Tease and Switch Blue Marlin - Principe

The ITM Fishing Show - Fishing Principe **Bonus Footage that didn't make the big screen. Matt and the crew switch baiting marlin in the waters off West Africa.

How to target snapper with metal lures

Matt explains the range of Shimano metal lures and how to use them to target snapper.

FISHING TIP - Rigging Ballyhoo for Kingfish

Matt demonstrates this simple technique for rigging up Ballyhoo with a chin weight.

Fishing Tip #29 - How to Jig Dead Baits

Matt demonstrates how to jig dead baits...check it out and give it a go.

Fishing Tip #28 - Selecting Game Fishing Gear

Here's a few options to help you select the right gear to get out there and chase those marlin.

Fishing Tip #26 - How to easily access remote land based spots

In this land based fishing tip we show you all the gear that you will need to have a successful day fishing off the rocks.

The Easy Two Hook Dropper Rig

This simple rig will have you catching anything from Snapper to Groper in no time!

Natural Top Water Bait

Here's a simple tip on how you can rig up a natural cast-able surface lure. This rig can be adapted to any size bait to catch almost any sized predatory fish that feeds in the top water, give it a go!

SeaLegs… they work!

Most of us have had a day on the briny that tests our intestinal fortitude. If you ever run into Mont from Viking Kayaks get him to tell you the story of the seven stages of sea sickness… never a truer word and very very funny story. Check this out for some good advise of keeping your crew upright and happy.

Fishing Tip #23 - Tweaking your Treble Hooks

Taking treble hooks out can often be a difficult process, so here's a simple tip to help you remove the hook without causing too much damage to the fish...or yourself!

Fishing Tip #22 - Jig Options

Not sure what jig to choose? Here's a quick explanation of some different jig options and how each one works. Rather than just putting on the one that catches your eye, make conscious decisions that will improve your hook up rate.

Fishing Tip #21 - Lumo Beads

If you're fishing at night or in low light conditions, this little tip will help draw the fishes attention to your bait! It's a big ocean during the day but at night it's a whole new ball game. Give the fish a chance to find your bait and 'light it up'.

Fishing Tip #20 - Circle Hooks

Particularly useful when releasing the fish is at the top of your mind, circle hooks offer you not only that option, but also a very strong securing point to the fish during battle. By it's nature, a circle hook rolls into the corner of the fishers mouth at hook up meaning you are connected to a very tough part of the fish.

Fishing Tip #19 - The Uni Knot

Every fisho needs to know this knot… once mastered it will quickly become your go to knot for just about everything and best of all… it's strong. You will hardly every break your line at the knot when using a well tied uni.

Fishing Tip #18 - D.I.Y Softbait

There's no denying that soft-baits have revolutionised fishing over the past twenty years or so. The action, colour and how they're fished all make them irresistible to fish… most of the time. There are times when a bait will out fish a 'softy' so here's Matt's answer to those days… a bob each way that delivers time after time.

Fishing Tip #14 - Catching Livebaits

The sometimes simple task of catching bait can, at times, seem an impossibility. This tip is a trick that can help get that bite your desperately trying for when they won't look at anything else.

Fishing Tip #13 - Releasing Deepwater Fish

Often when we are targeting deep water species we do so with multiple hook rigs. So when you get a double or triple hook up you can end up with excess fish. This tip is a clever way of releasing deep water species back into the high pressure environments that they live in, thus improving fish mortality.

Fishing Tip #12 - Braid vs Mono

This simple tip will explain where and when to use braid as opposed to mono line. Water depth, current, clarity and target species all come into play when making this choice so check it out.

Fishing Tip #11 - Supercharging your Lure

We all know how effective lures can be when targeting gamefish, and we all know that live baits have their place as well. This tip incorporates them both to double your chances of a hook up. Being able to change things up can be the difference so make sure you bank this one for the day you can't get a successful hook up.

Fishing Tip #10 - Filleting

You spent the fuel to get the fish, you're sporting a nice sunburn with the permanent singlet so now it's time to make the most of your catch. Quality filleting isn't hard and this tip is going to get you more edible fish from each specimen. Remember, if you don't eat the heads then log into and find someone who does. You could make a mate for life.

Fishing Tip #9 - The Bridle Rig

This tip is a basic explanation of the bridle rig and when to use it. This technique will keep your baits alive for longer and swimming stronger sending out all those good vibes.

Fishing Tip #8 - The Cold Water Diving Trick

Sometimes with diving you've just got to grin and bear it when it comes to the cold water… or do you? This tip will get your off to the right start and keep you in the water longer.

Fishing Tip #7 - Preset drag on a large reel

For game fishing the strike can be the make or break moment in your battle. Too much drag and you risk over stressing the gear and losing the fish, not enough and you risk a poor connection and losing the fish. Knowing how to set your reels drag is an essential part of game fishing so check this tip out.

Fishing Tip #6 - Preset drag on a small reel

Knowing where your drag is set can be the difference between getting the fish and not. This handy tip will ensure that you're in the zone for the line weight you're fishing which will maximise your success.

Fishing Tip #5 - Dental Floss Lure Stopper

We all love a shiny new lure, especially one that hooks a fish, but when you get broken off that lure is normally destined for the bottom of the ocean. This tip will help save your lure and it also doubles as a way of taking the leverage off the fish so that it can't throw the hook as easily.

Fishing Tip #4 - Illuminating your Bait

Matching the hatch is a big thing in fishing, but there are times when you really want to stand out. Night fishing is one of those times and a bit of illumination can help your quarry find your bait in the darkness.

Fishing Tip #3 - The Marker Pen Trick

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. This simple tip will help you work out how far your lures are form the boat so that once you've got them running right you can put them back to the same spot every time.

Fishing Tip #2 - Tying a Snell

Knowing how to tie a snell is essential in any fishos list of knots, but it's often overlooked due to perceived difficulties. Matt demystifies this very effective knot and demonstrates the simple way of tying a good snell.