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How to vent a fish

Before you release a fish it takes just a second to vent them to ensure they can get back down and decompress.

NZ Snapper Management Explained

Here's the low-down on how the snapper in area one is divvied up. It's important that you understand that the NZ public should not be forced into a proportional share of the fishery. Spread the word and please support LegaSea so they can fight a fair go for all New Zealanders.

Measurement Based Fishing Tournament

The ITM Fishing Show tournament was created to reduce the take of unwanted fish. At the same time promoting freedom of choice, a level playing field and camaraderie. The tournament has very basic and easy to follow rules that have been trialed successfully. Watch the quick vid to see how it works.

Swordfish Autopsy

In the tiny hours of the morning, 80 miles off the coast of New Zealand's rugged West Coast, Matt Watson hauls in a whopping 207 kg Swordfish, the first ever to be caught by a recreational angler in the South Island. We check out what the deep sea behemoth had in it's stomach...

Utilizing the whole fish

There’s a whole lot of meat left on the fish after you’ve whacked the fillets off, so don’t throw your fish heads & frames away, as that’s where you’ll find the sweetest meat! Try it out for yourself, and if you’re not convinced, don’t throw them away, just go to and you’ll find someone who would love to collect them from you. Utilization = Conservation

Management of the Bluefin Tuna Fishery in Nova Scotia

The unbelievable Giant Atlantic Bluefin Tuna fishery on the doorstep of Nova Scotia, Canada, is simply world class. Take a look at how numbers of these fish are on the rise, due to a shift away from commercial harvesting, towards catch-and-release sportfishing. Could this sustainable, yet profitable, economic venture be the answer to saving these iconic fish?

Fishing and Sustainability

Matt Watson talks about fishing, sustainability and the Greenpeace report: While Stocks Last

Yellowfin Tuna - Food for thought

Yellowfin tuna were once common in New Zealand waters, but destructive fishing methods by the big commercial operators have decimated them to the point that they are now rarely seen. We suggest you think twice before purchasing a can of tinned yellowfin at the supermarket; that would be the 'smart choice'.