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Yellowtail Kingfish off the Rocks

We fly onto a Far North rock location in New Zealand, in search of a big kingi from the rocks. It’s a full on day of action that has some great snapper action and a dramatic big kingfish finale.

Clifftop Tiger Shark Fishing

Matt goes fishing off the rocks in Norfolk Island...But he isn't targeting snapper.

Bow Fishing

Matt goes hunting for Koi Carp in Waikato, New Zealand. But instead of taking a rod and reel he uses a bow and arrow to deal to the pest.

High Country Fly Fishing

Prepare to challenge your existing perceptions of back-country trout as Matt and the team chopper into some of the most amazing country New Zealand has to offer, and get stuck into some truly epic freshwater action.

Yellow Tail Kingfish Off the Rocks

Targeting Yellow Tail Kingfish off the rocks is considered one of the most challenging and exciting fishing feats in New Zealand. So Matt and the team bring along a few toys to try and capture the action from all angles.

FISHING TIP #27 Landbased -The gear you need

In this land based fishing tip we show you all the gear that you will need to have a successful day fishing off the rocks.

FISHING TIP #26 Landbased - How to easily access remote spots

In this land based fishing tip we show you how to easily access remote spots with the back anchoring system.