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Girls Fishing Vs Guys Fishing

This hilarious clip says it all.

Choker - The Ultimate Pig Dog

This new hunting technique will revolutionize the way people hunt pigs!

Matt Watson's Media File

Some of the recent worldwide media interest in our man Matt!


Better out than in for poor old Jezza! Might pay to pack the sealegs next time...

Clifftop Tiger Shark Fishing

Matt goes fishing off the rocks in Norfolk Island...But he isn't targeting snapper.

Out-takes, Mistakes & Piss-takes

Some of the recent out-takes from the 2012 season of the show

Mouth to Mouth with a Stingray

Matt goes mouth to mouth with a stingray?!

Matt's Marital Bliss Tips

Matt shares his tips on how to keep the wife happy when coming home from a days fishing. Happy wife = happy life!

Cooking with Matt & Pete - Wood Chipper Coleslaw

'Cooking with Matt and Pete' returns to deliver the ultimate Tuna Coleslaw recipe for fishermen who don't have time to muck around with the finer details of cooking a meal...

BEHIND THE SCENES - All Blacks Tour of Eagles Nest

Rene Ranger & the lads do their best to destroy their 20K a night digs at the Eagle's Nest...

Giant Bluefin Tuna on Ultra Light Tackle

When packs of 1000lb+ Giant Bluefin Tunas are smashing baits right next to your boat, the only logical thing to do is to chuck out a bait on a toy rod and see what happens! (Note: No hooks were used in the making of this clip)

Sports Cafe - Matt's First Fishing Video

Filmed way back in the early days, the clip was filmed for a fishing video competition on the TV show "Sports Cafe" and won 1st place! From there The ITM Fishing Show was born...and the rest is history!

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

Matt Watson bombs the Rainbow Warrior...

Cooking with Matt & Pete - Chatham Islands Kitchen

After a hard day out harvesting delicacies from the sea and the land, Matt is joined by wild food connoisseur Pete Jackson to get a few expert hints and tips about how to best prepare a sumptuous feast using the best of New Zealand's wild produce...

Crayfish on a Soft Plastic

One of the most talked/argued about clips from our 2009 season, Matt lands a buck crayfish from close to the rocks using a Squidgy soft plastic. Clever fishing or clever camerawork? You decide....


Whilst filming down in the wild Wairarapa coast of New Zealand, the Fishing Show crew come across a couple of angry Bulls settling a dispute of some kind. Rather stupidly, Matt and Dave the Cameraman decide to head in for a closer look...

Coast Patrol

Detective Inspector Phil McCracken goes undercover on the wild Wairarapa Coast of New Zealand in his attempt to bust open a major crayfish poaching operation...

Mako Attacks Man

A hilarious behind the scenes look as Matt Watson swims with Mako sharks... and it all goes horribly wrong!!!