Rigging Swordfish Baits


Mako Shark attacks boat and eats 700lb Swordfish

Holy *#@% that's a big fish! While Matt is out helping his mate Jeff catch his first sword fish, A mako shark decides that Matt's boat is competing for its dinner.

Spear Satellite Tagging

Matt and the team travel 300 nautical miles north of New Zealand to the Wanganella Banks in order to try and free tag a marlin.

The Mako Hunter

What do you think would happen if another fishing show double booked on the same boat as the ITM Fishing Show team, with both TV crews trying to film frantic mako shark action? Tune into see funny man Leigh Hart (a.k.a ‘that Guy’) takes on Matt with his new spoof fishing show “outdoor-outdoors-outdoors”. Screaming reels, broken rods, a tennis racket, a goat, human burley bomb and an inflatable doll all combine in a hilarious action packed show. If you don’t get a laugh out of this you must be dead!

Matt's New Stabicraft 2750 Centre Cabin

Matt's new Stabicraft 2750 centre cabin is a fishing weapon, from the new 300hp Evinrude E-tec G2 to the Furuno 14" Nav net TZ touch, this boat has it all.

Girls Fishing Vs Guys Fishing

This hilarious clip says it all.

Tuna, Marlin & Snapper Fishing...with a Woodchipper!

This week sees Matt targeting a couple of New Zealand’s most underutilized fish species; the skipjack and albacore tuna. Whilst attempting to demonstrate the versatility of these under-appreciated fish, the team are pestered by packs of pesky marlin, and come across some gigantic schools of balling baitfish which have to be seen to be believed.

Yellowtail Kingfish off the Rocks

We fly onto a Far North rock location in New Zealand, in search of a big kingi from the rocks. It’s a full on day of action that has some great snapper action and a dramatic big kingfish finale.

Bow Fishing

Matt goes hunting for Koi Carp in Waikato, New Zealand. But instead of taking a rod and reel he uses a bow and arrow to deal to the pest.

Spearfishing Wahoo in Niue

While on a recent break in Niue, Matt decided to have a go at spearing his first Wahoo.

Makaira Lodge

Matt and the team recently traveled to Principe Island in the Atlantic ocean. Check out some of the awesome action they had.

The Giant Bluefin Tuna of Nova Scotia

Some of the most epic footage from our trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. If you're keen to see fish up to, and over, 1000 pounds smashing baits off the surface, closer than ever before, you've come to the right place...

Cooking with Matt & Pete

'Cooking with Matt and Pete' returns to deliver the ultimate Tuna Coleslaw recipe for fishermen who don't have time to muck around with the finer details of cooking a meal...

Giant Shark Attacks Swordfish!

After battling a huge swordfish to the surface on his trusty handline out off the coast of Northland, New Zealand, Matt Watson finds himself in a race with a gigantic mako shark to secure his prize catch and get it aboard his little boat in one piece! http://bit.ly/1bfydnZ