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FISHING TIP - Top Water Lure Ready for Action

You never know what your going to come across and at what time. Having your gear ready is the key.


How to vent a fish

Before you release a fish it takes just a second to vent them to ensure they can get back down and decompress.

The ITM Fishing Media Awards - Out there doing it!

There are some real outdoors characters that have been on the ITM Fishing Show, men and woman of the land that can teach us all some valuable skills.

The ITM Fishing Media Awards - Best Supporting Angler

We always get to see the host of fishing shows grabbing all the attention and glory, but there are there other anglers, skippers and crew that deserve recognition.

Crab Hunting in West Africa - ULTIMATEFISHING TV

While on a trip to Principe Island, Matt stumbles the most crabs he has ever seen.

Women vs Marlin...on a Jetski - ULTIMATEFISHING TV

Kylie's dream is to catch a marlin off her jetski, so Matt decides to give her a hand, and catch it on film.

Fishing Tip - How to Setup your sounder to find Swordfish

Get the edge - See how Matt sets up his sounder when he goes out targeting Swordfish.

FISHING TIP - How to set your sounder for deep water fishing - ULTIMATE FISHING.TV

Getting the most out of your Furuno TZ Touch. Matt shows you the difference between Hi and Lo frequency when fishing deeper pins looking for fish.

FISHING TIP - How to teach your electric reel to jig - ULTIMATE FISHING TV

An effective way to fish with your electric reel, get it jigging. Matt shows you the simple steps to setup and utlise this awesome feature.

Ben's First Marlin

Matt takes marlin virgins - Sam Cane and Ben Afeaki out for a marlin hunt. What unfolds is something pretty special.

Andy's First Marlin

Matt takes his mate Andy out to help him pop his marlin cherry.

Ben's First Marlin

Ben Afeaki and Sam Cane are on the hunt for their first marlin

This is Ultimate Fishing!

Sharks, marlin, tuna, swordfish and loads more of the hottest fishing action anywhere... Basically, if it's a big bad-ass fish, it's on Ultimate Fishing. Check it out!

Choker -The Ultimate Pig Dog

This new hunting technique will revolutionize the way people hunt pigs!

Mega Cray

Have you ever seen this many Crayfish?.....Only in Dusky Sound Fiordland!

How to Fillet Hapuku / Bass Cheeks

Many people throw away Hāpuku/Bass heads without realising that one on the tastiest bits on meat is hidden in the cheeks.

The Mako Hunter

What do you think would happen if another fishing show double booked on the same boat as the ITM Fishing Show team, with both TV crews trying to film frantic mako shark action? Tune into see funny man Leigh Hart (a.k.a ‘that Guy’) takes on Matt with his new spoof fishing show “outdoor-outdoors-outdoors”. Screaming reels, broken rods, a tennis racket, a goat, human burley bomb and an inflatable doll all combine in a hilarious action packed show. If you don’t get a laugh out of this you must be dead!

Matt's New Stabicraft 2750 Centre Cabin

Matt's new Stabicraft 2750 centre cabin is a fishing weapon, from the new 300hp Evinrude E-tec G2 to the Furuno 14" Nav net TZ touch, this boat has it all.

Girls Fishing Vs Guys Fishing

This hilarious clip says it all.

Yellowtail Kingfish off the Rocks

We fly onto a Far North rock location in New Zealand, in search of a big kingi from the rocks. It’s a full on day of action that has some great snapper action and a dramatic big kingfish finale.

Bow Fishing

Matt goes hunting for Koi Carp in Waikato, New Zealand. But instead of taking a rod and reel he uses a bow and arrow to deal to the pest.

Makaira Lodge

Matt and the team recently traveled to Principe Island in the Atlantic ocean. Check out some of the awesome action they had.

Chatham Islands - Outdoorsmans Paradise

Our trip to the Chatham Islands goes down as our most memorable of the year, not only is there great whites, but great people, great fishing, great seafood and great times. We go fishing, gathering and hunting to harvest some of the bounty of the Chathams and we have a lot of laughs along the way.

Going Deep - Monster Groper, Bass and Kingfish in New Zealand part 2

Back aboard the Cascade, Matt and his offsider Bevan are battling through the smaller kingfish in the hope of hooking up with a Ranfurly freight train. And after hooking onto a shoal of big hapuku, the focus then changes to capturing footage rather than fish, as we see the first ever deployment of some pioneering new technology with deep drop cam - a baited camera which can be dropped into the deep dark depths. However, a big mako threatens to ruin plans by trying to eat the camera!

Choker - The Ultimate Pig Dog

This new hunting technique will revolutionize the way people hunt pigs!

Going Deep - Monster Groper, Bass and Kingfish in New Zealand

A competition to find a fan of The ITM Fishing Show to come along on a trip resulted in Bevan, a landscaper from Te Awamutu, joining the crew on a mission to one of New Zealand's greatest fishing grounds, the legendary Ranfurly Banks. Under Matt's tutelage, Bev hopes to knock off a few firsts and set some new PB's along the way. There's wall to wall action, plenty of tips and loads of fun.

Choker - The Ultimate Pig Dog

You won't believe it, a tiny Bichon Frise catches a 150lb wild boar! This new hunting technique will revolutionize pig hunting forever.

Giant Bluefin Tuna on a Handline

It's DIY, its Kiwi as! Extreme Fisherman Matt Watson takes on a huge tuna, with only a hand line and an electric fence reel! The local fisherman on the boat think it can't be done. Watch this clip to find out if one of these monster fish can be brought to the boat by hand!

The Giant Bluefin Tuna of Nova Scotia

Some of the most epic footage from our trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. If you're keen to see fish up to, and over, 1000 pounds smashing baits off the surface, closer than ever before, you've come to the right place...

Real Wicked Tuna Action!

Lock yourself in for some jawdropping Bluefin Tuna action, as Matt hops overboard to get up close and personal with a pack of true giants. We had so much feedback from viewers about the underwater shots in this amazing scene that we just had to post it for anyone that missed out...

Cooking with Matt & Pete

'Cooking with Matt and Pete' returns to deliver the ultimate Tuna Coleslaw recipe for fishermen who don't have time to muck around with the finer details of cooking a meal...

Fishing Tip #17 - Mechanical Jigging Basics

Nothing, save nothing, can compare to the feeling of a kingfish smashing your jig. It could be that sudden burst of speed on the drop or the equally sudden lunge as your jigging, but the result is the same… Game On! This technique will help you start and then master your jigging technique that will see you sporting the kingfish grin.

Fishing Tip #16 - When to use a Wind-on Leader

At times there are two very distinct schools of thought on wind-on leaders. This tip explains the reasons behind when and why to use a wind-on and the significant advantages that they can afford you.

Fishing Tip #15 - Deepwater Tactics

If you're going to send a bait 300mtrs below you want to be sure it's got a good chance of hooking into something; and if you do that you've got a good chance of getting it back to the surface. Here's Matt's top three deep water tactics for improving your chances.

Fishing Tip #1 - The Dropper Loop

Check it out as Matt demonstrates this simple technique for tying a very effective dropper loop. This will have you tying your own rigs in no time and you won't have to wait for your mate to lend a hand.